Rex Wong

Rex is Editor-in-Chief of TheTechyTrends and was previously Editor-in-Chief of GamerLive and China Watch Online. Rex has a real passion for gadgets, mobile, technology and business.

Vincent Martin

Vincent Martin is a technology freelance writer covering artificial intelligence, driverless cars, mobile applications, telecommunications, and other emerging areas. In addition, he also participates and reviews many new tech products including mobile phones, gadgets, smart home technology and many more.

Valerie Min

Valerie is a writer and contributor for TheTechyTrends. She covers gadgets, tech, startups and blockchain. She is always curious how tech influences how we live, work and play.

Jiarun Chen

Jia is a writer and contributor for TheTechyTrends. He covers technology, startups and apps. He is passionate about his tech.

Colman Ma

Colman is a technology writer covering gadgets and general tech trends. Colman is a geek at heart and loves anything that has a chip in it.