U.S. intelligence agencies are still warning against buying Huawei and ZTE phones

Matters continue to be looking fairly bleak for Huawei’s intends to conquer on the U.S. market place. Half of a dozen top members of intelligence agencies, like the FBI, CIA and NSA re-affirmed surveillance problems about fellow smart-phone maker ZTE and the company.

Most of that really is not anything fresh. The companies’ troubles back as much back if a House Intelligence Committee mentioned both because of prospective security threats over close ties to the Chinese government. The following calendar year, they’re both prohibited from selling product to the U.S. government.

FBI manager Chris Wray echoed these concerns throughout a hearing Tuesday, saying, “We’re profoundly concerned concerning the risks of permitting any company or thing that’s beholden to international authorities which don’t reveal our worth to gain positions of energy within our telecommunications networks.”

Huawei has since issued a response, accusing the federal government of “inhibiting [its] firm from the U.S. market place” and including, “Huawei is trusted by authorities and clients from 170 nations around the world and poses no increased cyber security hazard than any ICT vendor, sharing as we perform common global distribution chains and production capabilities.”

The letter declared the statements of an Richard Yu on period past month at CES. “We’ve won the trust of the Chinese carriers,” Yu fumed at the business’s keynote. “We’ve also won spots on all of the European carriers.”

This speech came following an AT

Rex Wong
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