Three in four Android apps track user data, claims new study

Over three quarters of Android apps have been found to feature third-party tracking software that delivers personal information to help improve targeted advertising.

The revelations come from researchers at Yale University and Exodus Privacy, based in France. They say that apps such as Tinder, Uber and Spotify all employ trackers owned by Google to find out more about their users, as well as keeping an eye on crash data.

Of major concern is FidZup, a third-party tracking tool that can tell where mobile users are, allowing for extremely targeted marketing.

The same company was found earlier this year to know the locations of millions of French smartphone users.

The analysis has sparked concerns that it’s not just Android that is affected.

Studies have yet to be done into Apple’s iOS platform, but with many of the same apps available for iPhone and iPad, along with third-party trackers, Yale says it could also be affected.

“Advertising trackers may be concurrently packaged for Android and iOS, as well as more obscure mobile platforms,” said its researchers.

Jiarun Chen
Jia is a writer and contributor for TheTechyTrends. He covers technology, startups and apps. He is passionate about his tech.

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