Solid stylus, so many compromises

A Review of This Samsung Galaxy 10

For me, the note-book 9 Pen’s main attraction is its weight — 2.2 pounds — which is chiefly a consequence of Samsung’s clever metallurgical capacities. It really is simple assume it’s made from plastic and to pick the machine up, however it’s not. Samsung developed a metal named Metal 1 2 to make its new devices more lasting and more comfortable. The selection of Samsung worked: a drops that were cautious were handled by ” The n 9 Pen well. The metal has much more flex than expected, however it’s almost nothing to receive worked around.

I’m less handsome with how the note-book 9 Pen seems. I dig on layouts, I do: the Chromebook Pixel of Google is just one of my preferred designs and it was a horizontal rectangle. Samsung’s design is dull. It is only, with just a glossy Samsung emblem on the rear. This might be the most hard-working notebook I have ever witnessed.

And also the port selection is even worse. There is one fullsize USB 3.0 interface, an HDMI-out, a USBC jack and a very small slot for a microSD card. This selection means the note-book 9 Pen isn’t great for my regular workload. Honestly it seems just like Samsung only went using the minimal. I got by, however there wasn’t anything concerning the adventure. And while it’s not a option, I hate that the laptop’s power button was stuck by Samsung on the appropriate side, only underneath the microSD slot. It takes hardly any pressure. More often than once, I’ve caught the N9 Pen off my desk just to put it to sleep as my finger grazed the ability button.

Rex Wong
Rex is Editor-in-Chief of TheTechyTrends and was previously Editor-in-Chief of GamerLive and China Watch Online. Rex has a real passion for gadgets, mobile, technology and business.

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