Google Pixel 2 may not feature headphone jack

Google’s Pixel 2 may not come with a standard headphone slot and will instead rely on a USB–C port for connecting wired headphones.

News of the search giant’s plans for the second Pixel phone stem from a leaked internal document, the source of which has not been made public to protect his/her identity.

According to reports, Google has already made the decision to omit a 3.5mm headphone jack and so follow Apple’s lead with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

That decision caused uproar among smartphone users in 2016, who were annoyed at having to pay to replace their existing wired headphones with ones that are compatible with USB-C ports. Or use the low-grade headphones supplied in the box.

Samsung is expected to keep the traditional 3.5mm headphone slot in its forthcoming Galaxy S8, which is due to launch at the end of March.

However, with Spotify soon to join Tidal in offering hi–res audio, USB–C headphones would be better placed to deliver an improved listening experience.

It may be this factor that’s pushing Google towards what many will see as an unnecessary change.

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Colman Ma
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