Apple Watch Series 3 won’t make phone calls, says analyst

The Apple Watch Series 3 will not be able to make phone calls, rumours suggest, despite coming equipped with a 4G LTE chip.

That’s the word from analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who says that instead Apple could allow for audio and video calls to be made over the smartwatch’s data connection, via services such as FaceTime and Skype.

Kuo also hinted that future versions could allow for standard calls. But posited that by not offering such functionality, Apple would have an easier time dealing with mobile networks.

Rumours have emerged in the past week of plans to significantly boost the Apple Watch’s power.

Adding 4G LTE means that users will not need to connect their watch to an iPhone in order to take it out and access services that until now have required their smartphone.

Kuo believes the Apple Watch Series 3 will have the same phone number as a paired iPhone, rather than operating as a standalone device.

An Apple Watch Series 3 release date is expected later this year.



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