Apple killing off iPad mini, claims source

Apple looks set to kill off its iPad mini range, with the smaller tablet seemingly struggling due to the success of the iPhone 7 Plus.

An insider with knowledge of Apple’s plans has said there will be no more updates to the pared back device. It’s not known if Apple will keep making the existing lineup or simply discontinue the range completely.

The success of the larger iPhone 7 Plus, which Apple says accounted for the iPhone’s late 2016 boom, means that demand for the iPad mini has waned.

The largest iPhone has a huge 5.5–inch screen and features that outstrip Apple’s most basic iPad, including a dual lens camera and 3D Touch.

Throw in plans to offer a new iPad Pro, with a possible launch at next month’s WWDC, not to mention a capacious new iPhone 8 coming later in 2017, and it’s easy to see why Apple has decided it’s the end of the line for a product that it first outed in 2012.



Rex Wong
Rex is Editor-in-Chief of TheTechyTrends and was previously Editor-in-Chief of GamerLive and China Watch Online. Rex has a real passion for gadgets, mobile, technology and business.

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