Android Oreo update set to fix battery drainage woes

The next version of Google’s Android Oreo looks set to offer greater control over apps which cause smartphone batteries to lose power even when a phone is in sleep mode.

The developer preview of Android Oreo 8.1 comes with a special menu within the Settings app, known as a wakelock detector.

Wakelocks stop smartphones from going into deep sleep mode, meaning apps are pulling power even when you have your phone stashed in your bag or your pocket.

Apps that use your location, such as Uber, could be asking networks for details of where you are, stopping a phone from powering down sufficiently.

The new Android feature allows users to turn off offending apps or switch off location services.

The update is not slated for general release yet, but should hopefully be on Pixel phones by the start of 2018.


Android Police

Jiarun Chen
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