Android Oreo unveiled, with battery-saving smarts, speedy boot-up and better security

Google has officially released the latest update to its Android operating system. Android Oreo, which has been in public testing since the start of the summer, brings a raft of changes designed to improve handsets powered by the search giant’s software.

The biggest changes are internal, with Google making tweaks to ensure that apps running in the background don’t eat up as much battery life as they do in current versions of Android.

Phones using Android O can boot up twice as fast as last year’s high-end Google Pixel handset, while changes to how notifications work mean that they are now grouped according to category, so you won’t get bombarded with updates from your favourite apps.

There’s a new ‘picture-in-picture’ mode too, which means users can watch videos and make VoIP calls while browsing the web or using other apps. And the Instant Apps feature allows access to add–ons without the need to download them.

Google has also boosted security with Google Play Protect, removing harmful apps, while Find My Device means you can remotely find, lock and wipe your handset when it gets lost.

The first phones to receive Android O will be the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

Other mobile-makers are not likely to update their phones to Android O until early 2018.

Jiarun Chen
Jia is a writer and contributor for TheTechyTrends. He covers technology, startups and apps. He is passionate about his tech.

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