Android Oreo rolls out to HTC U11

HTC’s U11 has begun receiving Google’s latest edition of Android, in keeping with the mobile maker’s promise to have the updated OS on its flagship phones by the end of the year.

Owners of the HTC U11 in Taiwan say that Android Oreo has begun appearing in their settings app in recent days.

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It’s not clear when this update will start landing on phones outside of HTC’s home territory. But considering it has said the U11 will be getting Oreo globally by late December, the wait shouldn’t be too long for UK owners.

Android Oreo brings a series of tweaks and changes, including bundled notifications and improvements to battery life, as well as the latest security software from Google.

While HTC has been quick to promise Android Oreo for its latest phones, Samsung and LG have been slow off the mark, with their top–end devices not due to receive Oreo until early 2018, almost six months after it first arrived on Google’s own brand handsets.

The forthcoming HTC U11 Plus comes with Android Oreo preloaded.


Android Authority

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